Electric Vehicle Charger- Keeping You Powered Up on the Road

Electric vehicles are a smart and environmentally conscious way to get from Point A to Point B. But how do you ensure that you have the power you need to get you where you need to go? Installing an electric vehicle charger in your home or business can make sure that you are always ready for the open road. The knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Noonan Electrical Services can assist you in making sure that you and your vehicle always have the power you need.

What Type of Electric Vehicle Charger Do I Need?

Charging your electric vehicle requires plugging it into a charger connected to the electric grid. There are three major categories of chargers depending on which vehicle you have and what level of power it provides to the battery. The experienced professionals at Noonan Electrical can help you determine what level of charger will work best for you and your vehicle’s needs.

electric vehicle charger

Benefits of Installing an Electric Vehicle Charger

  • Ready for the Road– Waiting for your car to charge at a commercial charging station can take time out of your busy day. By installing an electric vehicle charger in your home or business, you can charge your car while you sleep or go about your daily life.
  • Financial Incentives– Depending on where you live, there are tax incentives and rebates available for installing charging stations. Check with your electricity provider for credits available in your local area.
  • Competitive Edge for Your Business– Installing an electric vehicle charger at your business can help you attract employees and customers alike. The ability to charge their vehicles may be a benefit to prospective employees. You also signal to the world that your company proactively plans for transportation and environmental needs for the future.

Looking to install an electric vehicle charger at your home or business? Noonan Electrical Services prides itself on delivering high-quality products at exceptionally affordable pricing. Our professional installation teams have years of experience tackling some of the most unique and complex challenges in the electrical industry. No matter your electrical situation, Noonan Electrical Service can service your home or business.

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